About Matthew

Born and raised in Connecticut, I moved to California at the first available opportunity where I earned my B.S. in Chemistry at Caltech in 2013. I worked with the Blake Group (2011) researching ab-initio quantum computation of THz vibrational modes to compliment the lab’s research in terahertz spectroscopy. I interned at Pfizer (2012) developing software tools for medicinal and computational chemists and applied cheminformatic methods for small molecule drug design.

I entered the Chemistry PhD program at Stanford in 2013 where I am working with Vijay Pande to study protein dynamics through computation.

I enjoy sharing chemistry with others. I’ve served as a teaching assistant for intro chem. lab (Caltech, 2011), the Caltech p-chem series: quantum mechanics, spectroscopy, and stat. mech. (2012-2013), and Stanford stat. mech. and thermo classes (2014). I think computation should have a greater emphasis in undergraduate instruction and worked with the Stanford chem curriculum chair to develop matlab exercises for undergraduate p-chem classes (2013).

I enjoy programming in Python, C++, C#, and Javascript (and Mathematica, if that counts). I don’t-enjoy-but-can-program-nonetheless in Java, C, and matlab.

My hobbies include flying light aircraft (private pilot since 2010), jamming on my keyboard (the musical kind), and mario kart.